jasun's record collection as of 06/11/03 (240 records) < List needs updating!

4CLUBBERS: Children - Future Breeze vs. Junkfood Junkies mix / club mix
4 STRINGS: Into The Night - Symphany Of Strings Instrumental / D'Tech remix
AGENT SUMO: 24 Hours - original mix
AGENT SUMO: Sunflowers EP - Sunflowers / Sumo's Revenge / Right Now
AGNELLI & NELSON: Vegas - original mix / Fear & Loathing remix
AIRSCAPE: L'esperanza - original mix / Sven goes to the Love Parade extended mix
AIRWAVE: Save Me - Save Me / Flatline's 131AMix
AMOEBAASSASSIN: Piledriver - Piledriver (progressive) / Piledriver (grayed out) / The Piledriver
ATFC featuring Lisa Millett: Sleep Talk - Junior Jack Club mix / Junior Jack dub / Tom De Neef dub
ATFC presents OnePhatDeeva featuring Lisa Millett: Bad Habit - ATFC Club mix / Jose Nunez Instrumental / AVB Gimmick Club mix / Spen & Karizma Piano Habit
ATFC presents OnePhatDeeva featuring Lisa Millett: Bad Habit - Spen & Karizma Main Vocal / AVB Gimmick dub / Jose Nunez Club mix / ATFC Bad Bad dub Baby
AURORA: The Day It Rained Forever - Lasgo vocal / Flip & Fill vocal / Monoboy Dubstramental
AURORA: The Day It Rained Forever - Monoboy vocal / Flip & Fill Instrumental / Radio edit / Flip & Fill radio edit
BARADA: Let Me Go / Mountain Man
BEL AMOUR: Bel Amour - Vocal mix / Hydrogen Rockers Vocal mix / Richard Grey Sub Underground dub
BIG MOSES featuring Agboola: Soulful Strings - Lite FM mix / Stringless mix
BINARY FINARY: 1999 - Gouryella remix / Kaycee remix
BK & ANDY FARLEY: Khemikal Imbalance - Khemikal Imbalance / Step Away (Endorphin mix)
BK & NICK SENTIENCE: Flash - original / D.A.V.E The Drummer mixes
BLONDIE: Rapture 2002 - house remix
BLUE EFFECT featuring Jerry Cahill: Blue Horizon - original mix / Ortus remix
BOB Sinclar: The Beat Goes On - original mix / Antoine Clamaran vs. Bob Sinclar Club mix / Antoine Clamaran vs. Bob Sinclar dub
BORIS DLUGOSCH featuring Roisin Murphy: Never Enough - original mix / Bini & Martini club mix / Chocolate Puma remix
BRANCACCIO & AISHER: It's Gonna Be... (A Lovely Day) - original mix / Chris Lum & Jay-J Chumpchange remix
BRANDY: Full Moon - Radio mix / Album Version / Full Intention Club mix / Instrumental
CASPER: Oh Yeah - The Karim remix
CLUBDRIVERZ featuring JD Williams: Keep On - original mix / alternative mix / radio edit
COAST 2 COAST featuring Discovery: Home - original Mix / 5am remix
CONNECTOR: Interference - original mix
CONNECTOR: Interference (remixes) - Natural Born Grooves remix / Connector remix
CORRINA JOSEPH: Like You Do - Da Lukas remix / Alex Fain Dub mix
COSMOS: Play To Win Part 2 - Play To Win (Carnival Sax mix) / Spiritcatcher - Locked Grooves
COSMOS: Take Me With You - Vocal club mix / Instrumental club mix
CRYSTAL CLEAR: Live Your Life - Crystal Clear Sunshine mix / Djaimin' Mad club remix / Midnight dub
CRYSTAL CLEAR: Live Your Life - Live Elements Vox / Live Elements dub / Dub House mix
DANNY TENAGLIA vs. RICHIE RICH: Salsa Musika - Dedman's Fake mix / Soul Avenger's mix
DARIO: Flying - Sonorous Dub / Dario: Don't You Cry - Andy Jarrod vs. Freeloader Dub
DAVID FORBES: Questions Must Be Asked - Push / Kayestone / Mike Monday remixes
DEEPSWING presents Audiophiles: Raindrops - Raindrops / Raindrops Reprise / Deepest mix / Mindfull of Music mix
DEEPSWING: This Is The Sound - Original mix / Chorus Accapella / Happy mix / Jessie Outlaw's Deepsoul mix
DELERIUM featuring Leigh Nash: Innocente - DJ Tiesto / Deep Dish Gladiator remixes
DELERIUM featuring Rani: Underwater - Above & Beyond's 21st Century mix / Hydrogen Rockers vocal mix
DE NUIT: All That Mattered (Love You Down) - Innervisions Extended mix / Junior Jack Instrumental / Coloursound Club mix
DE TOX vs. MIRAGE: Harlem Nights / My Sound
DIRT DEVILS: The Drill - original / Evacuation mix / Hennes & Cold remix
DIRTY VEGAS: Days Go By - Paul Oakenfold remix (vocal & dub) / Brancaccio & Aisher vocal remix / Paul Oakenfold instrumental remix
DIRTY VEGAS: Ghosts - M.A.S Collective vocal / Lexicon Avenue hard dub
DIRTY VEGAS: I Should Know - Alex Neri club mix / Flatline dub
DIRTY VEGAS: I Should Know - Alex Neri dub / Wally Lopez Weekend vocal mix / Wally Lopez dub
DJ TIESTO: Urban Train - original mix / Marc O' Tool dub
DJ TIESTO: Urban Train remixes - Wippenberg / Cosmic Gate remixes
DJ STIGMA: Baby Sunshine - Stig's original club mix / hh's Happy Baby Luca Sunshine mix
DJ VITAMIN D featuring Miss Audry: That Latin Track - Original mix / C-Mos remix / DJ Vitamin D's vocal mix
DUMONDE: Never Look Back - full on vocal mix / DJ Tiesto mix
DUTH featuring Crystal Waters: My Time - The Scumfrog dub / Steve Murano remix
EMMA BUNTON: Free Me - Full Intention remix / Full Intention club mix
ENERGY 52: Cafe Del Mar '98 - original Three 'N One mix / Nalin & Kane remix
ENERGY 52: Cafe Del Mar - Cafe del Marco V remix / Michael Woods ambient mix
EURYTHMICS: Sweet Dreams / I Could Give You (A Mirror) / Babies Gone Blue
EURYTHMICS: Sweeter Dreams 2002
FAST: Transmission - original mix / Public Domain mix / Force Mass Motion remix
FULL INTENTION featuring Thea Austin: Soul Power - Full Intention main mix / Full Intention vocal mix / Accapella
FULL INTENTION presents Shena: I'll Be Waiting - Gray & Pearn club mix / Brother Brown Copenhagen dub remix
FUNK D' VOID: Diabla - Funk D' Void's Heavenly mix / Samuel L Sessions Juice mix
FUTURESHOCK: Phantom Theory - Satellite / Fifty One / Pride's Paranoia / Wide Open / Birdcage / Frequency
FUTURESHICK: Phantom Theory - Kato's Revenge / On My Mind / Sparc / Statikman / Another Hit / Late At Night
G CLUB presents Banda Sonora: Guitarra G - G Club original mix / Terry Lee Brown jr. mix / Danny Sullivan + Kemist mix / Warren Clarke dub
G CLUB presents Banda Sonora: Guitarra G - Work Institute remix / The Work Institute's Tangent mix
G CLUB presents Banda Sonora: Pressure Cooker - Guitarra G remix / The Lab Rat's club mix & dub
GEERT HUININK & ALCO RYTHM: Dreamscape - Deep Grove mix / Annette's Chill Out mix
GOLDTRIX presents Andrea Brown: It's Love (Trippin`)
GROOVE ARMADA: Superstylin' - original mix / G.A Diskotek mix / Tuning In (dub mix)
GUITAR DEMONZ: Sunrise - Felice Solea remix / Stonebridge dub
HAMEL & BLACKWATCH: Discotek - original mix / The 6.00am DT vinyl dub
HARRY "CHOO CHOO" ROMERO: Tania - original mix / new mix
HI-GATE: You & Me / D-Tune (earplugs) - You & Me / earplugs original mix
HIGH SPIES featuring Lexie Cole: Ciudad De La Luz - Original / David Coleman & Sen-Sei Dubstrumental
HOLLY VALANCE: State Of Mind - Vertigo remix / extended original mix
HOLLY VALANCE: State Of Mind - Felix Da Housekatt mix / Vertigo dub mix
HORNY UNITED presents Lovesick; featuring Mossee: Let's Stay Together - Jerry Amour's Main Mix / Horny United full vocal mix / Jerry Amour's vocal dub
IIO: RAPTURE - Aloud remix / Deep Dish Miami Dub
IIO: RAPTURE - Armin Van Buuren remix
IIO: RAPTURE - Creamer & Stephane K. remix / Riva remix
J&S PRODUCTIONS: Unasaxomas - Joeski mix / ADNY remix
JAVA & JAN: You Drive Me Crazy - extended mix / dub mix / Congapella
JAYA: 12:04
JAYDEE: Plastic Dreams - original 12" mix / Morales Club mix / Angel's Dream mix / Murk Funky Green dub
JOHN '00' FLEMING: Lost In Emotion - John's twisted mix / The Digital Blonde mix
JOHN CREAMER & STEPHANE K featuring Oliver Twisted: I Love You - Main mix / Dub / Ambient mix
JOHN THOMAS: Vision - original / Aril Brikha remix
JOHN WHITEMANN: Can't Beat The System - original mix / Ingo remix
JSJ: Deep Love 9 - original mix / Van Bellen's Twisted Sneaker mix
JUICE: Superstar - Eisensack McGinty remix / Butterfly remix
JUNIOR JACK: My Feeling - Hatiras Liquid Adrenaline club mix / Hatiras High Voltage dub / original Kick 'N' Deep mix
JUNIOR JACK vs. FREEK: Thrill Party: Junior's Tribal Freek (Freek Loop) / Junior vs. The Party (Thrilled Loop)
JUNIOR JACK vs. RICHARD GREY: U Look Fantastic - regular mix / Anthem mix / Dawn Madison club mix / Dawn Madison radio mix
JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: Senorita - Num club mix / Thick Vocal Mix / Eddie's Crossover Rhythm Mix
KAMAYA PAINTERS: Wasteland - Chab's "Tribute to Bedrock" remix / original mix / Hitchhiker remix
KID CREME featuring Shawnee Taylor: Austin's Groove (Let Me Live) - Austin's Groove main mix / Erick Morillo vocal mix
KID CREME: Hypnotising - original mix / Stefano Noferini Destination:Drums remix
KID CREME: Illegal Beats Volume 1 - Hypnotising (original mix) / Don't Stop My Roots
KIDSTUFF: Jetfunk E.P - Jetfunk / What!
KING UNIQUE presents Dirty: Dirty - original / accappella
KINGS OF TOMORROW featuring Haze: Changes
KINGS OF TOMORROW featuring Julie McKnight: Finally - The Danny Tenaglia remixes
KINGS OF TOMORROW featuring Julie McKnight: Finally (2003 remix) Joey Negro's Unreleased Mixes
KOSHEEN: Catch - Gordon Kaye Vocal Remix / Hiver & Hammer "Flight Over Hamburg" remix / Ferry Corsten vocal remix
KOSHEEN: Hide U - John Creamer & Stephane K / Rollo & Sister Bliss remixes
KOSHEEN: Hungry - Decoder & Substance remix / original album version / Technicalitch / Bent remix
KOSHEEN: Hungry - Satoshi Tomiie Vocal / Satoshi Tomiie dub
KOSHEEN: Hungry - Tiesto Vocal remix / Tiesto dub
LANGE featuring Leah: Don't Think It (Feel It) - Cosmicman remix / Scott Mac remix
LANGE featuring Skye: Drifting Away - original / Lange's Sunset dub
LAYO & BUSHWACKA: Album Sampler Part Two - Love Story / Sleepy Language
LAYO & BUSHWACKA: Love Story vs. Finally - Tim Deluxe Vocal mix / Tim Deluxe Piano Loop / Stanton Warriors remix
LEAMA: Melodica - Melodica / Fabricate
LEXOS: The Key - original mix / Adam Dived Vox remix
LIQUID BREEZE: State Of Mind - State Of Mind / Oasis Of Love
LIVE ELEMENT: Be Free - Be Free original vocal / Live Element Freedom remix
LOST TRIBE: Gamemaster - Signum remix / Lost Tribe's '99 mix (Matt Darey & R. Jerry)
LOST WITNESS: 7 Colours - Angelic remix / Jon Doe remix / Moguai instrumental remix
LOST WITNESS: Did I Dream - Bomb Factory mix
LOST WITNESS: Happiness Happening - original / Way Out West mix / Lange remix / Dubweizer mix
LOVE JUICE: Bricked Up / Suck My Acid
LUSTRAL: Broken - Lustral mix / Everytime: Yunus remix
LUSTRAL: Broken - Way Out West mix / Pitch & Sulphur's "Back In Time" remix
LUSTRAL: Everytime - Way Out West's Sunrise mix / Nalin & Kane remix
M&S presents The Girl Next Door: Salsoul Nugget (If You Wanna) - DJ Lottie remix / M&S original dub
MAMBANA: Libre - Nicolas Matar Cielo Remix / Piano Tool / Beat Tool / Musicapella
MANIJAMA featuring Mukupa & L'ilt: No No No - K Klass Ultra vocal mix / Mojolator's club mix / Mojolator's Hybrid dub
MARK PICCHIO presents Basstoy; featuring Dana: Runnin' - vocal mix / Do-Dah-Pella / Hex Hector's Stereo dub / dub mix
MAURO PICOTTO: Back To Cali - Push remix / Megavoices Tea mix
MEDICINE8: Capitalrocka - original mix / Output's Capital Rockin' mix / Rockin' Instrumental mix
MEMBERS OF MAYDAY: 10 In 01 - Paul Van Dyk club mix / EK mix / Tok Tok remix
M FACTOR: Mother - original mix / Dirty Vegas vocal mix / Altitude remix
MICHEAL JACKSON: Billie Jean (2002 remix )
MICHAEL JACKSON: Thrill Her 2002 / Erotic Ride
MIDNIGHT TONIC featuring Chance: I Just Wanna
MILKY: Just The Way You Are - original mix / Full Intention club mix
MINIMALISTIX: Struggle For Pleasure - Progressive mixes
MISHKA'S MAD GAY MAFIA presents Opal: The Release EP & M.G.M Mix - Mishka's Mad Gay Mafia Naughty remix / Oberon & Paul Harding original mix
MODWHEEL ANTHEM: The Starting Up EP - I'm Gonna Get You (original) / Starting Up / Swing Is King
MOONY: Dove (I'll Be Loving You) - T&F vs. Moltosugo club mix) / Full Intention vocal mix / Creamer & K mix
MOONY: Dove (I'll Be Loving You) - Andrea T. Mendoza club mix / Robbie Rivera's Big Room dub
MORY KANTE: Ye Ke Ye Ke - Ye Ke Ye Ke remix / Ye Ke Ye Ke (single version) / Akwaba Beach
MR PINK presents The Program: Love & Affection - Joey Negro club mix / Mike Monday remix
NARCOTIC THRUST: Safe From Harm - Andy Morris & Stuart Crichton vocal mix / K-Klass Off Limits mix
NAVI featuring Jane Kumada: Don't Stop - Divide & Rule mix / Adam Dived's Deep Sea mix
NEW ORDER: Someone Like You - Funk D'Void remix / James Holden Heavy Dub
NOWHEREMEN: Music & The Sound - original / DA Lukas remix / Stretch & Vern Instrumental
OCEANLAB featuring Justine Suissa: Clear Blue Water - original mix / Ferry Corsten remix
ORINOKO: Island - original mix / Alternative dub mix / dub mix
OUTFUNK: Lost In Music - original mix / Eric Prydz remix
PANJABI MC: Mundian To Bach Ke - Main mix / Switch Mix / Mundian Breaks
PARIS & SHARP: Aphrodite - original mix / K U Dirty Dub
PARTISION: No May Gustah - original mix / Atlantic Ocean remix / Literon Fifth Deck remix / Dub Foundation remix
PATHOGEN: Dark Skies - Dark Skies / Point Blank / Vanishing Point
PERPETUOUS DREAMER: The Sound Of Goodbye - Blank & Jones remix / AVB's Rising Star mix
PERPETUOUS DREAMER: The Sound Of Goodbye - Robbie Rivera Vocal remix / Tribal Feel remix
PPK: RESURECTION - Space Club mix / Wellenrausch remix / robots outro
PRAGA KHAN: Injected With A Poison - Krafty Kuts / CA-LO remixes / Adam's Power mix
PURETONE: Addicted To Bass - Different Gear mix / John Creamer & Stephane K mix
PUSH: The Legacy - club mix / progression / original mix
RAMMSTEIN: Ich Will - Westbam mix / Paul Van Dyk dub mix / Paul Van Dyk vandit mix
RANK 1: Such Is Life - original / Extended version / Marco V / Deep Dub
RAVEN MAIZE: Fascinated - Joey Negro club mix / Tommy Vee Patu remix
RAVEN MAIZE: Real Life - Real Life (club mix)
RICHARD GREY: Me & My Funk EP - High Crowd / Me & My Funk
RICHARD GREY featuring Tiza B: You Can Run - Nerious' dub remix / Duplex Long mix
RICHARD GREY presents House Republic: Deep Down - Bizariod mix / Deep Deep mix
RICHARD GREY presents House Republic: Thank You / Overdrive
RICHARD GREY presents Moonraker: (Dustamination EP) - Love Me / Get Up / I'll Take You There / Oooh Yeah
ROBBIE RIVERA'S GROOVES: Funk-A-Tron - main mix / Crazeee remix
ROGER SANCHEZ featuring Armand Van Helden & N'Dea Davenport: You Can't Change Me
ROOM 5 featuring Oliver Cheatham: Make Luv - Extended mix
RUFFNECK featuring Yavahn: Everybody Be Somebody - Anthony DeVito's Rough Edge Mix / original mix short / UK mix / Accapella
SASHA: Wavy Gravy - original mix
SASHA/EMERSON: Scorchio - full length version / Emerson's late night dub
SATOSHI TOMIIE: Virus - Main Patch / Luke Fair remix / Satoshi's Reprise
SEE THE LIGHT: See The Light - See The Light (extended mix & club mix)
SETH LAWENCE: Future Sound Of Amherst - original mix / Starecase remix
SHAKEDOWN: At Night - original mix / Mousse T 's Feel Much Better mix / Kid Creme Club mix
SHERE KHAN: Jungle Juicy Funk - Main mix / Jungle Dub
SILICONE SOUL featuring Louise Marshall: Right On! - original instrumental version / Steve Lawler's Inside Space Dub / 12" Disco Edit
SILICONE SOUL featuring Louise Marshall: Right On! - Can 7 Soulfood club mix & Taste The Music mix / Radio Edit / Damien Carter remix / Mandy's Massage remix
SILVERBACK: Monkeylover - Sharp Boys Hammerhead Dub remix / original club mix
SLUSNIK LUNA: Sun - original edit / Beatphreaks Tribal mix / Hother + Flouvio mix / radio edit
SOLARIS: Sunrise - original / Surf mix / 7" edit
SOLAR STONE: Seven Cities - Armin Van Buuren remix / Michael Woods remix
SOLAR STONE: Seven Cities - Katcha remix / Ambient dub
SOLAR STONE: Seven Cities - Solar Stone's Liquid Summer mix / V-One's "Living Cities" mix
SOLITAIRE: I Like Love - Alliance DC: main vocal / Park & Birch: Guarana club mix / Extended mix
SONNY DARE: The Escape - Hedway's remix
SONO: Keep Control - Hydrogen Rockers Vocal / Extended mix
SONOROUS: Glass Garden
SONOROUS: Second Sun - original / Mirco de Govia remix
SOUL PROVIDERS present L'enfant D'amour: Deep Inside Your Love - Original vocal mix / Full Exposure remix / Instrumental mix
SOUL PROVIDERS featuring Michelle Shellers: Rise - Original Soul Providers mix / R. Montanari + S. Greppi's dark vocal mix
SOULSEARCHER: Can't Get Enough - Vocal club edit / Robbie's Filtered Monster Anthem mix / Robbie Rivera Bash mix
SOULSEARCHER: Do It To Me Again - Soulsearcher club mix / Richard F's 6am Session mix / Artful Dodger vocal mix
STEFANO GREPPI: Electro Pop - original mix / dub / Poppapella
SUNSCREEM vs. PUSH: Please Save Me - original mix / Push mix
SUPAINGS: Back & Forth - original mix / Audio Drive's Classic remix / Audio Drive's Classic Beatz
SYSTEM F: Exhale - original mix / Sander Kleinenburg remix
TAUL PAUL vs. INXS: Precious Heart - original mix / Riva mix
TENTH PLANET: Ghosts - Trouser Enthusiasts remix / Redanka's disco vocal
THE BLACK KINGS introducing Lisa Mac: (C'mon) Use me / Disco Remedy
THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS: Star Guitar: Star Guitar / Base 6 / Star Guitar (Pete Heller's Expanded mix)
THE GREEN MARTIAN: Industry - Industry / Industry (Durango95 mix)
THE MYSTERY: Mystery - original mix / Above & Beyond
THE ONES: Flawless - Investigation dub mix / edit version / extended club mix
THE PSYCHEDELIC WALTONS featuring Roisin Murphy: Wonderland - Wonderland (vocal mix) / Strings Of Wonderland / The S-Mans Dark Tribe mix
THE TRAVELLER presents Quest: Chaos Engine / Accelerator
THERMOBEE & STRATOSPHERE: Stoned Trance - original mix / Taul Paul remix
THERMOBEE & STRATOSPHERE: Wassgoinon? - Monday / Tuesday mixes
THICK DICK: Insatiable - E Smoove vocal 12" mix / Junior Jack vs. Kid Creme vocal mix
THREE DRIVES ON A VINYL: EP 2000 - Greece 2000 (original mix) / Turkey 2000 (Saccoman remix) / Europa 2000 / Superfunk
THREE DRIVES ON A VINYL: Sunset On Ibiza - original mix / Above & Beyond mix
TILLMANN UHRMACHER: On The Run - Ocean To Shore Club Extended / Minimalistix remix / PPK Russian remix 12" edit
TIM DELUXE featuring Sam Obernik: It Just Won't Do - Club mix / dub
TIMECODE: Generator / Spectral
TINY ELVIS: Tempted - original mix / Dub mix / Kingade remix
TRANCESETTERS: The Saga - Andy Jarrod vs Freeloader mix / Drax & Gooding mix
TRANQUILITY BASE: Razorfish - Above & Beyond Progressive mix / Above & Beyond Bangin' mix
UMEK: Fenaton / Jakaton
UNA MAS: I Will Follow - Full Intention Club mix / Jay-J's Moulton Studios mix & dub
UNA MAS: I Will Follow - Wally Lopez & Dr Kucho Weekend mix / LA Fabrique Du Son Weekend Rerub / David Ferrero & Pedro Del Moral Weekend club mix
UNDERWORLD: Dinosaur Adventure 3D - R.C.M Version / Sharpside remix
VINCE WATSON: Mystical Rhythm - Vince Watson remix / Mr. C remix
VINYL LOOPS VOL. 9: Chicane - Offshore '97 (Disco Citizens edit) / Bob Marley vs. Funkstar De Luxe - Sun Is Shining (Funkstar Club mix) / Carl Cox - The Latin Theme
VOLCANO: More To Love - 100% mix / Rob & Stone club mix
WARP BROTHERS: Blast The Speakers - Advanced 12" mix / Crash Your Head mix / Brooklyn Bounce remix / Headcrasher mix
WARREN CLARKE featuring Kathy Brown: Over You - main mix / Spen & Karizma club mix / Spen & Karizma dub
WEEKEND PLAYERS: Into The Sun - Riva remix / Chab remix
WHIPLASH: Ghetto Tears - Ghetto Tears / Cryin' / Ghetto Tears (Red Moon remix)
WHO DA FUNK featuring Jessica Eve: Shiny Disco Balls - Main mix / Instrumental / Acapella
WINTER SAMPLER PART 2: Slusnik Luna (Sun) - Warp Brothers remix / Comanova (Wishful Thinking) - original mix
X-PRESS 2: Muzik X-Press - Muzik X-Press / bootleg mix
X-PRESS 2: Smoke Machine - original mix / In Beats mix / In Bits mix